The Bulls have received some negative attention from both the NBA and ESPN. First, the NBA issues a warning to the Bulls about resting their starters, then ESPN forgot to include Lauri Markkanen in the rookie class video.

What the hell ESPN?

If you are a Bulls fan, you should ask ESPN why they decided to not include Lauri Markkanen in their rookie class video. It’s outrageous and frankly, it pisses me off. How the hell do you forget to add a young rookie, who is not only making a huge impact for the Bulls, but was also the fastest rookie to hit 100 threes in a season??

It is not rocket science. This might be a bias opinion coming from a Bulls fan, but it’s time for Lauri to get the national recognition that he deserves. ESPN cannot seem to realize that, and it is pathetic. He will end up being the best player that the Bulls got in return for Jimmy Butler.

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ESPN needs to stop posting videos of the Ball family and actually post real news for once. Markkanen will end up being a better player than Lonzo Ball, mark that down.

Lauri has had so many accomplishments this season and even deserves to be included in the NBA Rookie of the Year talk. This class is loaded and that is awesome to see, but Lauri needs to be involved in these national conversations. The kid is a stud and he has proven that time and time again.

Yesterday, was a prime example of why he needs to be talked about more nationally. He scored 20 points. He’s besting Kristaps Porzingis’ rookie campaign which says a lot, but also that Phil Jackson considered trading Porzingis last year and replace him with Lauri.

It is time to give him the recognition he deserves.