When Kris Dunn took a scary, face-first fall onto the United Center hardwood on January 17th, both the team’s medical staff and coaching staff tried to play it cool, telling us it was all good. Initially, it was reported that he just messed up a few teeth.

It took less than a day for the team to report that actually, he did indeed suffer a concussion. Even then the team was staying optimistic, issuing a quick statement saying he’d be out indefinitely but oh don’t worry it’s nothing too serious.

Well, it’s been hard to stay calm and collected about the point guard of the future’s health when we all saw this happen:

I know basketball and football aren’t in the same stratosphere in terms of contact, but with all of the news that has come out in recent years about the effects concussions have had on former and current NFL players, no concussion should be taken likely.

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That’s why, after 3 weeks of silence, today’s news was so relieving.

It’s awesome that he is back on the court, no doubt, but he has yet to climb the final hurdle(s) of concussion protocol. The Bulls next game is this Friday against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Dunn’s former team. He still hasn’t been cleared to suit up for the contest.

The Bulls have struggled mightily without Dunn, losing seven straight after winning their first game he was sidelined against a lowly Atlanta Hawks squad. During that stretch, Lauri Markannen has missed three games due to the birth of his child (he is set to return Friday) and the team’s leading scorer Nikola Mirotic was traded. The Bulls record is now the sixth worst in the NBA, just two games better than the league’s worst team.

While Dunn’s absence has greatly aided the team’s tanking efforts, Friday would be an awesome time to see him, Lavine and Markkanen all on the court together for the first time this season. With players like Robin Lopez still on the trading block, the Bulls shouldn’t have to worry about winning too many games down the stretch, they’ve put themselves in a pretty good #tank spot.

However, of the few wins the Bulls will get the rest of the way, none would be sweeter than winning the team’s only national tv appearance this Friday against Tom Thibedeau and Jimmy Butler. Seeing Dunn run the point with Lavine and Marrkanen by his side will make that game a must watch.