Jarvis Landry is one of the most popular names in the Chicago Bears fan community right now. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Free agency starts March 14th. Signs continue to grow the two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver will hit the open market. The Bears had the worst passing offense in the NFL in 2017. They clearly need upgrades at the position. They’ll have lots of money to spend. It looks like a perfect match.

Except one person doesn’t think that’s the case. Greg Gabriel has become one of the more notorious voices on social media these days. The man worked as a Bears scout throughout the 2000s, rising to become their director of college scouting. He had a hand in helping build their 2006 Super Bowl team. He’s always had a stake in what they do even after being fired in 2013.

Since then he’s become a football analyst for Pro Football Weekly and CBS Sports. On top of that, he has a rather colorful reputation on Twitter. He’s never shy about sharing his opinion, and he did so in regards to the Landry idea.

Gabriel thinks Jarvis Landry is a poor fit for Bears in every way

Indeed Landry didn’t make the best first impression during the leadup to the 2014 draft. He ran a glacial 4.77 at the scouting combine. Unheard of for most wide receivers. In fairness, he did improve that number to 4.61 at his pro day. Nonetheless, speed definitely wasn’t part of his game. Then again if that’s true how did he post back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons? Namely his excellent hands, route running and agility.

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This is not to say Gabriel is wrong. It’s more to say there are plenty of things that make Landry alluring. At the same time, the character issues are well-documented. Though he’s never had suspension or notable off-the-field problems, Landry is notoriously outspoken. He has been at odds with both his coaches and the front office in Miami, particularly in the past couple years. This has to do with his role in the offense as well as his contract.

The Bears have prioritized top-notch character in their acquisitions since GM Ryan Pace took over. Perhaps the arrival of Matt Nagy may soften that stance but that seems unlikely. Then again it will be hard to find better upgrades this off-season. Landry may not be perfect, but he’s a proven producer. Everything depends on if the Bears are willing to pay the price tag.