If you were worried about Zach LaVine before tonight’s game, now you shouldn’t be. Before tipoff, LaVine had a ferocious dunk in warmups that shows he’s ready for tonight.

I wonder if Hoiberg felt like he was going to pass out on that one. LaVine is on a minutes restrition tonight, but you can see how well this team is playing with him. LaVine brings another scoring option for this team, which allows them to space the floor. You can see it tonight. Because of their spacing it gives players such as Lauri and Robin Lopez to make some nice plays. With the open court space, Lauri increases his already high three point percentage. He was 3-3 from behind the arc in the first quarter.

Not only that, but it gives Robin Lopez more opportunities to posterize his opponents with some nasty dunks. Stacey King will need his poster machine a lot more.

Not to mention Kris Dunn, who had yet another steal and topped it off with a slam dunk of his own.

With that, Hoiball takes its full effect. Zach LaVine hit his first shot attempt tonight, and it was a beautiful sight. After coming off the screen, LaVine hit the shot and it was so smooth.

LaVine hit another three pointer, but managed to show off his great athleticism, by attacking the basket on a layup.

The Bulls have made six three pointers tonight, which is promising indeed.

Get excited Bulls fans, because this team is a whole different animal with Zach on the floor. They have a new type of energy and it’s exciting to see what this team can do in the future. This is just the beginning. I think it’s safe to say that the Bulls won the draft night trade, because they got a great return, even though Jimmy Butler is playing well.