Is Ric Flair Attending The Bulls Game In Indianapolis Tonight?


Okay, either the Nature Boy Ric Flair is attending the Bulls game in Indianapolis tonight or someone in Indiana REALLY loves Lauri Markannen.

This tweet got thrown into one of our Facebook writer’s chats a few minutes ago, and when I saw that it said “Rick Flair in attendance” I got really stoked.

(By the way, Marcus, you spelled our princes name wrong)

MAN! Who doesn’t love a good WOOOOOOOOO! Possibly even a jet flyin, limousine ridin’, yada yada, and I’m having a hard time holdin’ these alligators down? I recite it every morning before I get on the EL simply for morale!

I mean hey, sometimes it works for these guys…

The Bulls are currently leading 96-94 with a minute left in the fourth quarter.

Now lemme get two claps and a Ric Flair! WOOOOOOO!

Flew with the Ducks of Oregon and ran to the desert where I caught a ride on the airwaves. Those winds carried me back home to the city that owns them-- just to talk about Da Bulls with you fools.