Ever wondered what it would be like to see Jimmy Butler dressed as a Minnesotan for Halloween? It may be November 8th, but it’s never too late.

We learn three things from this video with ESPN’s Sam Alipour–

1.) Jimmy would die if he ever got lost in the woods, probably instantly. Seriously– he’s not gonna be calling loons or starting a fire, even with a match, any time soon.

2.) He apparently gave the Bulls an ultimatum– it was either him or Fred Hoiberg. And this is why he was eventually traded after months of speculation.

3.) He’s looking forward to his Chicago return, and it’s not to say “Hi! Hope all is well, youbetchya!”

“I probably went about a lot of things the wrong way,” Butler said. “People don’t work as hard as I do and don’t expect the same things out of the game that I do. And that’s my fault and I’ve learned from that. I said from the beginning — it was either gonna me or the Fred Hoiberg route. And rightfully so, they took Fred. Good for them. I’ve got that game marked on my calendar: Feb. 9 baby, I’m back.”

They obviously chose Fred.

Perhaps that’s where Nikola Mirotic got the idea. Apparently ultimatums make things happen in the world of GarPax. Worked once before, why not try it again.

Also, don’t ever get in a canoe with Jimmy. He will not help paddle.