Apparently the Milwaukee Bucks don’t think as highly of early rookie of the year candidate Lauri Markannen as we do– because they just issued an ice cold trolling of the Bulls.

On their website, the Bucks offer a ticket package that allows the buyer to pick six games of their choosing by clicking on a picture of a marquis player they happen to be facing that particular night.

Apparently whoever designs the Bucks website did not feel any one player on the Bulls roster was worthy of showcasing; because instead of highlighting say, the aforementioned Markannen, they chose to highlight our recent Hall of Fame inductee— Benny the Bull.

Damn Milwaukee… way to kick a fan when they’re down. Not our fault Chicago’s inept front office chose to pass up on the Greek Freak.

Also, if you get the Outkast reference in the title, we should be friends.