Bobby Portis still hasn’t spoken to Nikola Mirotic and perhaps it should stay that way.

Seeing action for the first time this season after serving an eight game suspension for molly whopping Mirotic in practice, ‘Ol “Crazy Eyes” Portis lit up the Toronto Raptors (albeit in a loss) for a team high 21 points and 13 rebounds.

What this means

So much for the Bulls stressing over any sort of Mirotic ultimatum. After almost single-handedly carrying what was a very lethargic Bulls team to an upset victory, it seems Portis is keen on making the decision very easy for the Bulls’ brass. Especially considering it’s pretty evident the team drafted a much better and younger version of Mirotic in the form of Lauri Markkanen.

Should I stay or should I go now?

When asked about his mindset after the game, Portis had this to say about the situation–

“He goes, I go, I can’t control that,’’ Portis said. “All I can control is me coming in to work every day, working hard, being the same kid that I’ve always been. If I can continue to do that, then that’s really all I can control.

“I want to rekindle our relationship, try as best as possible, but I don’t control that right now. I’m here to play basketball.’’

Portis scored 14 of the Bulls’ 33 in the final quarter, bringing the Bulls a ton of energy when they needed it most. But what was most telling? Despite his recent absence, the forward acted like it was just another day at the office–

“Surprised? No, I put a lot of work in this summer,’’ Portis said. “I respect the game of basketball.’’

I mean hey, as long as the guy respects the game of basketball more than he respects Niko’s jaw, I’m satisfied… and I’m sure most everyone feels a similar way. This may spell the beginning of the end for Mirotic in Chicago.

“I just let bygones be bygones,’’ Portis said. “I don’t have control over that.

‘‘Not worried about who goes, who stays. The only thing I’m worried about is coming in here and trying to play at the highest level possible right now.’’

That’s what we’re concerned with too Bobby, watching a competitive basketball team in Chicago again. Keep on keepin’ on, player.