As If a Chicago Fan Could Be Any More Morose… Meet David Nwaba


John Paxson and Gar Forman continue to just fucking slay this off-season. Ya’ll know about David Nwaba? Well, if not, you will now. Because as I’m sure you can deduce from just two poorly written sentences, he’s our latest “SMH” signing.

So far the Bulls off-season plan is… this?

Re-sign Dwayne Wade with cotton candy knees with less reservation than Sling Blade ordering french fries- check.

Oh God… Sling Blade has more charm than Gar Forman…

Re-sign a guy (Cristiano Felicio) who averaged 4 points last year to a $32 million contract- check.

Trade Jimmy Butler for Kris Dunn, a damaged ACL (Zach LaVine), and a pick used to get another Mirotic- check.

Gimme some more mustard Billy Bob; I think I need to stress eat.

I could go on and on, but why? We should at least TRY to be optimistic. The guy looks like he can actually play. I mean… If he shows even the slightest bit of promise, why not? We’re rebulding, aka, grasping at straws- right?

Anyways, long story short, Nwaba played 20 games averaging six points and 3 rebounds for the Lakers last season. Aside from that, he played the majority of last season with the Lakers’ D-League affiliate, the “D-Fenders.”

Here’s some tape, silver lining is… it’s actually quite good.

Cheers Bulls fans! Here’s to another exciting year!