I think it’s safe to say that Scott Darling is a “gear head” because he is constantly changing his looks. He never wears any mask style for any extended period of time and that’s cool.

This has to be one of the best Blackhawks’ goalie masks since Eddie Belfour. It’s not just the traditional crest or feathers but looks like neon you would see on an old sign at a bar. Actually, it looks a lot like the ‘Stranger Things’ word mark.

Whatever it is, my attempt at explaining the mask is feeble to the way the artist explains it in his own words below. A tip of the mask David Gunnarsson for putting this together.

The goalie mask is one of the few places in sports where a player can really show their personality. If this is the last mask Darling wears with the Blackhawks, he is surely going out in style.

Scott Darling´s latest mask creation is here and it is something very unique…🤓 As the total Mask Nerd I am I love to always try to come up with new design ideas and styles, every mask I create is a totally unique storybook📕. This design is rough and raw, the black base is created in a very hard vintage style with a brush👊🏻🖌. Then the rollercoaster continues🎢 and the design is created in a red sketchy style…✍🏻 Together it delivers a totally unique mask look…🎯 On a distance it is a clean cut 100% Blackhawks design, and when you come closer the design transforms in front of your eyes👀 and the sketchy vintage style gives a very raw feeling💪🏻. And for sure all the DaveArt Trademark Super FX✨ is unleashed all over the sketchy creation…🎨😎 @sdarling_33 @nhlblackhawks #DaveArt #nhl #DaveArtTheCradleOfCreativity @nhl #DaveArtTheMaskNerd

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