Introducing The Big Beertha, The First Ever Golf Club Beer Bong


It has recently come to our attention that there is new golf specific beer bong on the market, changing the game on golf courses across America. This ‘Gentleman’s Beer Bong’, formally known as The Big Beertha, has raised over $40,000 on Kickstarter in just a few days. It looks and feels like a regular driver, but is actually a beer bong that fits perfectly, and inconspicuously, in your golf bag. We’d gladly exchange a long iron for one of these bad boys to make our 14.

You can still pre-order The Big Beertha on Kickstarter, with pledges starting at $39.

The Big Beertha

Beer bongs have long been considered a serious faux pas on the golf course…until now.

We have created the first ever beer bong in the shape of a full size golf driver. Simply pour a 12-ounce can or bottle into the opening at the foot of the club head, then grab the grip and let it rip. Virtually indistinguishable from your actual driver, The Big Beertha stores perfectly in your golf bag. It’s a Gentleman’s beer bong (as well as a proper Lady’s, of course).

The Big Beertha club head is designed to easily hold 12 oz, while the shaft is clear acrylic, allowing onlookers to view the impressive flow of liquid, similar to a traditional beer bong. The shaft will be threaded, and will easily screw into or out of the club head for cleaning purposes.

The Big Beertha perspective mockups/wall poster.

The Big Beertha works awesomely, and you don’t need to be on a golf course to use it. In fact, we’re not sure if there is a better party favor out there.

Did you make a bad shot? A “Beertha” will get the ball flying straight. Didn’t clear the red tees? Better take a “Beertha”. Hosting a BBQ? Going out on the boat? A beer bong for the Lady? People who roll with The Big Beertha are bound to be the main event at any social gathering. Beerthas all around.

It should be noted that this amazing contribution to society was invented in none other than Chicago. Only a Chicago native would be able to identify that there was a real void in the marketplace for ways to get drunk on the golf course.

Check out The Big Beertha HERE.

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