Watch: Angry Bears’ Fan Punches Jaguars’ Fan After Tough Loss


The Chicago Bears took a hard loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week Six of the NFL season. While the team’s season has now hit rock bottom, no one took it harder than this Bears’ fan.

In a video submitted by @DavidSharp_11, one bald Bears’ fan takes exception to a couple of Jaguars’ fans. The reasoning? Well you’ll see.

The Bears’ fan lands one solid punch on the guy in teal before being taken down by his original target and two other Jaguars’ fans. While he may have lost the fight, gotta give credit for the first punch, solid KO shot to start things off.

I only have two questions surrounding this fight?

1.) Why didn’t any other Bears’ fans help him out? Seems like a lot were with their families, but regardless got to stand up for the team there. Jags just beat the Bears on the field, can’t let them win in the streets.

2.) There’s Jaguars’ fans in Chicago? No way in hell they traveled from Florida to watch two 1-4 teams do battle.

Overall this is a lesson to all you kids out there. Booze and losing is not a friendly combo.

Atleast this guy put up a better fight then the Bears did on the field today.

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