They just keep coming. More twists and turns in this crazy Derrick Rose sexual assault saga. This one is big. Yuuuuge. And it just might save Rose’s image, his basketball career and his future.

This latest development was of course broken by the great and powerful Dan Werly, sports lawyer and managing editor of The White Bronco. He’s been following the case since the beginning. Earlier today, he released the 28-page response that Rose’s lawyers submitted following the news that the LAPD still has an ongoing criminal investigation with Rose as a suspect.

Just moments ago, Werly released a declaration to the court submitted by a friend of Rose’s accuser, still only known as Jane Doe. Doe’s friend, Gabriela Chavez, says in this declaration that Doe told her about her sexual encounter with Rose soon after it occurred. The details are shocking.

In case you don’t do well with fine print, let me highlight that for you.

“She said she recently had sex with Derrick and two of his friends- Randall and Allen. She told me she had sex with all three of them, and she was upset that Derrick was okay with it. At no time did she ever state or claim that Derrick Rose (or his friends) had raped her or done anything non-consensual.” – Gabriela Chavez

Chavez continues to explain her conversation with Doe in her declaration.

“Just the opposite. She informed me in her own words that she had partied with them and been with all of them, but all indications were that it was consensual.” – Gabriela Chavez

Chavez actually has experience and training working with abused women, so she pushed the matter further to try to get the truth out of her friend.

“I bluntly asked her if she was raped. She said ‘no’ but that she did sleep with all three men. A month or so later, she told me she was going to sue and that she expected an out of court settlement.” – Gabriela Chavez

This declaration is a huge break for Rose and his legal team. A friend of the accuser asked her flat out if she was raped, and Doe said no. The final sentence also falls in line with the portrait Rose’s lawyers have been trying to paint: that of a money-hungry woman trying to threaten a celebrity’s image for a large payment.

To read the entire declaration submitted to the court by Ms. Chavez, go to The White Bronco.

Per usual, we’ll keep you up to date with new details as they emerge.