Carlos Zambrano Returns To Wrigley Field, Visits The Cubs


The Chicago Cubs start a 10-game home stand on Tuesday against the Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim, but before the night game a familiar face was at Wrigley Field on a special visit.

Former Cubs’ ace Carlos Zambrano was at Wrigley Field on Tuesday, visiting his former home and the brand new clubhouse.

Zambrano, 35, pitched 11 of his 12 MLB seasons with the Cubs and was always known for his volatile personalty. His 12-year career ended after 2012, when he last pitched for the Miami Marlins. According to Baseball-Reference, Zambrano is ranked ninth all-time in Cubs history for pitchers with a 37.9 WAR.

If you don’t remember, Zambrano’s relationship with the Cubs was bad in his final season in Chicago. After getting ejected on Aug. 12, 2011, against the Atlanta Braves, the pitcher cleaned out his locker and told team personnel that he was retiring. The next day he was suspended for 30 days by the team and on Sept. 2, the team announced Zambrano would not pitch for the rest of the season. Zambrano ended his Cubs career on the restricted list.

But hey, now he’s back at Wrigley and he’s cracking jokes.

Here we go, quick top-3 Carlos Zambrano Wrigley Field moments.

(In no particular order)

This was hilarious because it looked like Zambrano was about to literally whip someone’s ass with his belt after Derrek Lee and Chris Young got into a baseball fight.

Big Z almost murders Michael Barrett.

And I can’t find the video, but during a White Sox vs. Cubs game, Zambrano hit a home run in the first inning against Mark Buehrle, making it 7-2. That was the start of a crazy 15-11 Cubs win.

Oh and before Jake Arrieta’s last two no-hitters, Zambrano had the last one in Cubs history before him.

See, it wasn’t all bad memories for Zambrano. Nice to see him back at Wrigley. Maybe he is planning a comeback?

Oh well, however, I do think he could come back and be a DH if he wanted to.