Meet The Guys Behind The Mics Of The 312 Podcast!

312 chicago sports podcast

new-adGet ready, Chicago fans! Sports Mockery is bringing you fresh, in your face sports talk with The 312 Podcast! This will be the one-stop shop for Chicago sports fans; bringing you news, humor and analysis on the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox and Cubs. You can follow the show on Twitter @312pod.

It’s time to meet the guys behind the mics.

Matt Zawaski: Host, SM Exec

312 chicago sports podcast

Matt, most commonly known as “Zo”, has been with Sports Mockery since Day 1. Zo was born and raised on the beautiful Southside of Chicago and after a brief 4 1/2 year vacation in Florida (some call it college, Go Lions) he returned to Chicago. Zo has been a co-host on Fantasy Football sit/start shows and is SM’s resident “Hockey Guy.” He has covered everything under the sun for SM. You better believe if there is breaking news in Chicago sports, Zo knows about it right away and is itching to give his take on the subject. Follow him on Twitter @SouthsideZo.

Zo’s Message to The 312‘s audience:

FINALLY!!! Couldn’t be happier to be part of a podcast that covers all thing Chicago sports.

I completely understand it’s cliche to say but I truly obsess over all things sports. I’m a huge fan of how social media has changed the way we, as fans, get to consume information about what’s going on in the great world of sports. I’m first and foremost a “hockey guy”. That all started when my cousin took me to the mall (yes the mall) to meet Tony Amonte to get my first Blackhawks sweater (that’s right sweater) autographed. I’ve been smitten ever since. After hockey, a close second is football. To those of you who’ve been in a fantasy football league with me,  I appreciate the donation.

There is nothing better than getting into a solid debate with Chicago sports fans who know what they are talking about. I think that is what you are going to get with The 312. I take pride in the fact that we all do our homework to have a legit basis for all of our arguments.

Also, defense wins championships. I dare you to convince me otherwise. 

Matt Peck: Co-Host, Senior Bulls Writer

312 chicago sports podcast

Matt grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Drama and History from Kenyon College, and also studied with the British American Drama Academy in London. As an actor, Peck has lived and performed in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York in everything ranging from improv and sketch comedy to Shakespearean tragedies. Chicagoans may recognize him as Bodhi from the screen-to-stage smash hit Point Break LIVE!, which enjoyed a wildly popular multi-year run in the Windy City.

Matt moved back to Chicago to begin a career in sports media. He completed a training program with Sportscasters Mentoring Group, and studied underneath Jonathan Hood of Chicago’s Gamenight on ESPN1000. Matt started his own brand of Chicago sports media with podcasts, videos and columns; using his acting experience and love of comedy to deliver entertaining sports analysis to Chicago fans. He joined the Sports Mockery team as a Bulls writer and analyst in April of 2016. Follow him on Twitter @MMP_Daaa.

Matt’s Message to The 312‘s audience:

Hey Chicago sports fans!

I’m a Chicago guy, born and raised. My acting career took me to Los Angeles and then to New York. While I enjoyed my time away, Chicago kept calling me home. Because I love the people, I love the food, and I love my Chicago sports. I firmly believe that Chicago has the best sports fans in the world. I’ve lived in other cities, talked to fans of other teams, gone to games in different stadiums and ballparks. There’s no comparison. Sports have the power to bring people together all over the world, but here in Chicago we sports fans have that extra something other cities’ sports fans don’t have: we actually like each other. We share our joy and devastation with friends and strangers alike. That’s what Chicagoans do in every facet of our lives, and sports are no different.

Before being bitten by the acting bug, sports were my first love. The problem was that despite my passion and knowledge for the games I played, my physical stature during my childhood (think Danny DeVito) restricted my ability to play the sports I loved at the same level as my taller, more coordinated peers. So I hung up the cleats and sneakers and started acting. (Turns out my growth spurt came later than most, and for five years I was the tallest guy at every audition I went to. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think? Yes, Alanis Morissette is one of my spirit animals. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Jagged Little Pill is a masterpiece.) But that love of sports and my Chicago teams never left.

Hand To God

The summer after 6th grade I attended Michael Jordan’s basketball camp. One day our team got our picture taken with MJ, and as my teammates filtered in MJ gave each of them a fist bump. When it was my turn to bump the fist of my idol, something happened. My brain told me I had to seize this moment, capture it forever in my memory. In doing so my brain’s neurons told me to grab his giant fist with both of my small, chubby hands rather than merely bump it. There I was, grabbing MJ’s fist so tightly as if I would fall off a cliff and die were I to let go. I look up, and a confused MJ is staring back down at me, clearly taken aback by this chubby kid’s refusal to accept his run-of-the-mill, “everybody-gets-one” fist bump. I’ll never forget what he said to me…

“Hey, kid! Gimme my hand back!”

After another second or two of wrestling the giant fist, I sadly obliged. I never wanted to let go. I was cradling the hand of a God.

My Sanctuary  

Now older, I have come to realize that worshiping false idols (i.e. professional athletes with human flaws) is silly and childish. But I still worship the sports. The teams. The games. The victories. Sports are my religion. The living rooms, the bars and the stadiums are my temples. I’m no prophet. I’m just a guy who loves to worship with his fellow Chicago fans. I’ve got opinions about every game, every point, every player. I love to share my thoughts with other fans, usually with a humorous twist. I love to hear what others think. 

As a Chicago kid I was obsessed with MJ and his magic hands. I couldn’t let go. Now I’m an “adult” who still occasionally throws a temper tantrum when our teams lose. Whether it’s endlessly hoping for that elusive Cubs World Series, hanging on every Jay Cutler throw wondering when I will see the first Bears Super Bowl victory of my lifetime, sardonically dissecting the decisions of GarPax or blasting “Chelsea Dagger” after every Blackhawks goal…I can never let go.

There’s some room on this ledge. Join me, won’t you?

Sean Sears: Producer/Editor, Staff Writer

312 chicago sports podcastCurrently a senior at Iowa State University where he studies Journalism and Public Relations, Sears is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, where he developed a passion for Chicago sports, specifically the Cubs. Growing up in the 90’s, Sears idolized guys like Michael Jordan and Sammy Sosa, feeding into his Chicago sports fandom.

As he grew older, and realized he was not going to be a professional athlete, he later focused his efforts on learning as much as he could about sports. Memorizing the backs of Cubs baseball cards, Bears depth charts, and shooting percentages of the Bulls. Sears is a sports nerd, and loves everything about the statistical side of sports, which carries over into his role with the podcast, along with his writing on Sports Mockery. Sears joined the SM team in late March of 2016, and writes on a variety of Chicago topics, with a focus on the Cubs and baseball. Follow him on Twitter @sean_sears6

Sean’s Message for The 312 Audience:

Chicago, you guys are going to love what we have been putting together. This podcast is the culmination of months of constantly tweaking, adding and improving every possible aspect of this show. All to make you guys happy, so please, tells us what you like. But also, tell us what you don’t like, because that is the foundation of Sports Mockery. 

We know people love to talk, sometimes they say shit that makes no sense, but one of the services we provide is to give people something to talk about. So, we encourage our fans to talk and share their opinions, because we know it makes you happy. And we love hearing your thoughts on Chicago sports, because like you, we’re fans too.

We want this podcast to feel like a conversation between three dudes, and that’s because we are just three dudes. We are not one of the bigger radio stations or a mainstream podcast run through a major network. We control everything, which means we can talk about anything we want while sharing our real opinions. But we also want to hear from you, and you’ll find that we will constantly be trying to reach out to you, the fans.

Whether you’re calling into our show, having your comments on our Facebook or Twitter read on the show, or you’re talking with us at one of our live events, we want you to feel like we respect your thoughts on Chicago sports. Because we do. However, that doesn’t me we have to agree with you. 

So, let’s talk Chicago

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