Here’s Why Podcasts Are Cool …

  • They automatically play over the radio every time you enter / exit your car.
  • Host are allowed to say f*ck you, if desired.
  • You hear the personalities you like, on demand, 24/7.
  • Little to no commercials.
  • Unfiltered views on everything, including sports.
  • They’re literally funny as hell, if you know who to listen to.

Here’s Why Chicago Fans Don’t Normally Listen To Podcasts …

  • There aren’t any good ones dedicated to Chicago sports.
  • Most podcasts advertised to you are simply radio show re-caps.
  • Few of them are locally made, by the fans.

Sports Mockery’s goal has always been to provide the best sports fans in the world with breaking news, analysis and entertainment.

By Chicago sports fans. For Chicago sports fans.


It is with that goal in mind that we are VERY excited to announce the launch of our very own Chicago sports podcast!

Introducing… The 312 Podcast

The Old

Show of hands, sports fans: Who else is tired of listening to the same voices on the same programs on the same radio stations every single day? The never-ending commercials? The red tape rules that prohibit sports fans from talking like real sports fans in the bars and living rooms?

The 312 will bring new meaning to the words “Chicago sports podcast” and breathe new life into this city’s fans. The 312 isn’t going to be a First Take-esque screaming match with no substance. The 312 isn’t going to be an hour of lifeless drones rattling off statistics and old cliches.

The New

With The 312, Sports Mockery is going to provide our audience with a new medium for getting that quality news and entertainment our site has produced for the last six years. You’re about to meet the faces behind the names responsible for the content you read every day, and you WILL be entertained. That’s a guarantee.

You’ll get the information you need about the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox and Cubs. Our staff of writers are experts covering every team this city cares about and bleeds for. If something big happened, we have the details. The analysis will be real and thought-provoking. But you’re also going to get the laughs every sports fan needs to start their morning right or unwind at the end of a long day.

Besides, what is sports if not entertainment? Now with The 312, you’ll have access to the uncensored sports talk you crave wherever and whenever. Driving to work, taking the train, going for a jog, or relaxing at home. The 312 will be there for our subscribers, ready to enlighten and entertain.

But don’t get too comfortable, because this a Chicago sports podcast that doesn’t play nice. Just like the rest of the Sports Mockery world. You want the simultaneously bland and sugar-coated sports talk? By all means, stick with the ancient, traditional radio industry that’s dying for a reason.

If you want a new kind of sports talk that’s informative, fresh and in your face…

The 312 Podcast is alive and well. And we’re just getting warmed up.


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