Walter Payton Jersey Wins Interesting Honor


Mitchell & Ness, a clothing company best known for selling throwback jerseys, has released its annual list of their best-selling retro gear by state. While former Boston Celtics great Larry Bird won the most states with five, Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant won four of his own and actually took the top overall spot.

As for the “Land of Lincoln”, one would think that the easy call would be Michael Jordan. Instead, the Illinois winner for the second year in a row was former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton.

Actually, Michael Jordan doesn’t appear on this list at all, which is quite surprising. Actually, there are a few surprises in there, the biggest of which has to be Muggsy Bogues winning in Wyoming…or anywhere for that matter.

Former MVP Andre Dawson also appears on the list, but it’s not his Chicago Cubs jersey that won South Carolina, but instead his Marlins jersey.

Here’s a map of the full breakdown.

Best Jerseys By State

  • Alabama: Allen Iverson
  • Alaska: Ronnie Lott
  • Arizona: Pat Tillman
  • Arkansas: Bo Jackson
  • California: Kobe Bryant
  • Colorado: John Elway
  • Connecticut: Larry Bird
  • Delaware: Reggie White
  • District of Columbia: John Riggins
  • Florida: Deion Sanders
  • Georgia: Deion Sanders
  • Hawaii: Kobe Bryant
  • Idaho: Rickey Henderson
  • Illinois: Walter Payton
  • Indiana: Larry Bird
  • Iowa: Stan Musial
  • Kansas: Nolan Ryan
  • Kentucky: Barry Larkin
  • Louisiana: Archie Manning
  • Maine: Steve Largent
  • Maryland: Cal Ripken
  • Massachusetts: Larry Bird
  • Michigan: Barry Sanders
  • Minnesota: Cris Carter
  • Mississippi: Dwight Gooden
  • Missouri: Ozzie Smith
  • Montana: Ray Nitschke
  • Nebraska: Steve Young
  • Nevada: Rickey Henderson
  • New Hampshire: Larry Bird
  • New Jersey: Reggie White
  • New Mexico: Troy Aikman
  • New York: Keith Hernandez
  • North Carolina: Nolan Ryan
  • North Dakota: Cris Carter
  • Ohio: Kobe Bryant
  • Oklahoma: Vince Carter
  • Oregon: Kobe Bryant
  • Pennsylvania: Reggie White
  • Rhode Island: Larry Bird
  • South Carolina: Andre Dawson
  • South Dakota: Babe Ruth
  • Tennessee: Penny Hardaway
  • Texas: Hakeem Olajuwon
  • Utah: Brian Dawkins
  • Vermont: Patrick Ewing
  • Virginia: Allen Iverson
  • Washington: Steve Largent
  • West Virginia: Shaquille O’Neal
  • Wisconsin: Ray Nitschke
  • Wyoming: Muggsy Bogues