VIDEO: Blackhawks vs Blues-The “St. Patrick’s Day Massacre” Turns 25


The bitter rivalry between the Chicago Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues has spanned nearly 50 years. The two teams have met 300 times in regular season play (the Blackhawks lead the all-time series 144-121-35) and 56 times in the playoffs (the Blackhawks have won 8 of 11 series and hold a 32-24 overall lead). Of those 356 games, perhaps none are more memorable than the March 17, 1991 contest that took place at the old Chicago Stadium.

The Blackhawks and Blues were the two best teams in the entire NHL during the 1990-91 season. The Blackhawks finished the year with 106 points while the Blues were right behind with 105. In their final regular season matchup, Chicago would defeat St. Louis, 6-4, but the final score wasn’t the big story to come out of this one.

After a hard hit from Jeremy Roenick on Blues defenseman Harold Snepsts, Roenick was shoved by Glen Featherstone, who in turn was shoved by Keith Brown and then all hell break loose in what would come to be known as the “St. Patrick’s Day Massacre”. Take a look.

Six players from each team were ejected, there were a total of 278 penalty minutes, three players were suspended and both teams were fined $10, 000 as a result of this epic brawl.

Just another day in the Chicago vs St. Louis rivalry.