The Best Chicago Bears Of All Time By Jersey Number: #80-89


#83-Willie Gault

Tenure: 1983-1987

“It’s Speedy Willie” and he comes in easily at the #83 slot. Maybe not easily, but he still gets the nod here over Martellus Bennett. He’s got the Super Bowl XX championship to fall back on, but he really was a decent receiver. He wasn’t the best route runner, but his speed could make up for it when necessary. He had a lot of big games throughout his tenure in Chicago, was an excellent punt and kick returner, and was one of the organizers and singers on “The Super Bowl Shuffle”, which on its own should be enough.

1983: 13 games, 40 receptions, 836 yards, 8 TD—9 punt returns, 60 yards—13 kick returns, 276 yards

1984: 15 games, 34 receptions, 587 yards, 6 TD—1 kick return, 12 yards

1985: 16 games, 33 receptions, 704 yards, 1 TD—22 kick returns, 577 yards, 1 TD

1986: 16 games, 42 receptions, 818 yards, 5 TD—1 kick return, 20 yards

1987: 12 games, 35 receptions, 705 yards, 7 TD

Runner-up: Martellus Bennett