The Best Chicago Bears Of All Time By Jersey Number: #60-69


I’ll go ahead and admit that this won’t be the sexiest portion of “The Greatest Chicago Bears Of All Time By Jersey Number” series. Granted, there’s a few defensive players, some Hall of Famers, and two retired numbers in here, but the bulk of the list comes in the form of offensive linemen. It’s hard to gather a bunch of stats on those guys, but it certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t important. These are the Bears that create the holes for the legendary running backs to run through and protect the quarterback to keep the offense flowing. They don’t always get the recognition they deserve, but there’s a reason that they’re constantly receiving gifts from quarterbacks and running backs. They’re the unsung heroes of the NFL.

If you’re just joining the series, I encourage you to get caught up on the first sixty entries on the list. You can do so by clicking the links below. Enjoy.

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