The Best Chicago Bears Of All Time By Jersey Number: #50-59


#53-Nick Roach

Tenure: 2007-2012

This was another case of a lot of players that wore #53 having only one or two years of tenure in Chicago, so I suppose longevity wins out here. Nick Roach was a solid player for a few years, with his best season coming in 2009. Now, I will say that the runner-up for this number, Dante Jones, did have one amazing season where he had a ton of tackles, but in my opinion, the entire body of work fell just short of Roach’s, and believe me, I took a lot of time going back and forth with this decision. Maybe it was the 2012 Brian Piccolo Award that Roach received that gave him the slight edge.

2007: 3 games, 3 tackles

2008: 14 games, 1 fumble recovery, 28 tackles

2009: 16 games, 1 fumble recovery, 2 sacks, 54 tackles

2010: 15 games, 10 tackles

2011: 16 games, 31 tackles

2012: 16 games, 1 fumble recovery, 51 tackles

Runner-up: Dante Jones