The Best Chicago Bears Of All Time By Jersey Number: #30-39


#39-Jeremy Lincoln

Tenure: 1993-1995

My sincere apologies to everyone who wanted to see Curtis Enis in this spot (remember he wore #39 his rookie year and I’m sure I’ll knock him again once I get to #44), but Jeremy Lincoln, the cornerback who spent three seasons in Chicago, gets the nod here. There weren’t a lot of big options for this final spot on the 30s list, which is why Lincoln is here. Yeah, I know it’s not sexy, but that’s the way it is. Congratulations, Jeremy Lincoln.

1993: 16 games, 3 INT, 109 yards, 1 TD, 37 tackles

1994: 15 games, 1 INT, 5 yards, 36 tackles

1995: 16 games, 1 INT, 32 yards, 65 tackles

Runner-up: Robin Earl

That does it for the 30s. Keep checking back in with us as the list rolls along into the 40s, which will include a heartbreaking story that you probably already know and a couple of Hall of Famers. Thanks for following along.