The Best Chicago Bears Of All Time By Jersey Number: #10-19


#19-Gary Huff

Tenure: 1973-1976

This was just another instance where there just wasn’t a lot to choose from. All you really have to do is look at the runner-up to see how limited my choices were. In any event, Gary Huff was just another in the long line of Bears quarterbacks that just weren’t all that great. He was a second round pick of Chicago in 1973 and he played seven years in the NFL. Not a lot to see here.

1973: 8 games (0-2 as starter), 54-126, 525 yards, 3 TD, 8 INT

1974: 13 games (3-8 as starter), 142-283, 1663 yards, 6 TD, 17 INT

1975: 14 games (2-7 as starter), 114-205, 1083 yards, 3 TD, 9 INT

1976: 8 games, 0-0, 0 TD, 0 INT

Runner-up: Devin Aromashodu

That wraps it up for 10 through 19. Make sure to keep checking in with Sports Mockery for the next installment, which will cover 20 through 29, which means we can finally get away from some of these lackluster quarterbacks and get into some record-setting players. I think you know at least one that I’m talking about at #23.