The Best Chicago Bears Of All Time By Jersey Number: #00-9


#7-George Halas

Tenure: 1920-1929

That decade as a player doesn’t even begin to tell the story of George Halas and the Chicago Bears. Out of the 99 people that will appear on this list, there is nobody that will be bigger than George Halas. Yes, he had the decade as a player, and his #7 is retired, but he also coached those teams in the 20s…and then the 30s…some more in the 40s…and then the 50s…and then seven years in the 60s before retiring in 1967. During that time, he won eight NFL championships. Oh yeah, he was the owner that whole time as well, and he was until his death in 1983. It’s unfortunate that the man who made the Bears what they are today wasn’t around for their lone Super Bowl victory, but that GSH still resides on the Bears jerseys even to this day. There will only be one Papa Bear.

Runner-up: I don’t think so.