What The F*ck? Alabama Fans Take It Too Far Before Tonight’s Game With LSU


Not surprisingly, ESPN’s College Gameday was on the campus of the University of Alabama this morning ahead of tonight’s huge matchup between the Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers. Signs in the background are always a big part of the show, and even on a rainy morning in Tuscaloosa, fans made their way to the set to show off a few TV-friendly creations.


Okay, that’s not very creative, but I suppose it works.


Okay, that’s a little better. If you’re not aware, the Alabama-LSU rivalry is one of the biggest in college football, with their yearly head-to-head meeting as part of the SEC West playing a big part in the national title picture. This year is no different. The first College Football Playoff rankings were released this week, and the top four in those rankings at the end of the season earn a spot in the national championship bracket. Well, LSU (7-0) comes into this game at number two and Alabama (7-1) enters at number four, so yes, tonight’s game is a big deal. The winner will be looked at as possibly the best team in college football, while the loser will have to fight the rest of the way to get back into the championship conversation, so it’s safe to say that fans on both sides are fired up, but the signs from above aren’t really what’s making headlines.

It’s this one. It seems as if a few fans at Alabama have taken this rivalry, one that dates back to 1895, just a little too far.


Okay, maybe “a little too far” isn’t really what I meant. That is f***ed up! Listen, I’ve got no problems with jokes, especially when it’s a rivalry game, but to make a mockery of the 1, 833 people that died due to Hurricane Katrina is just too much, and it doesn’t look like it’s just one drunk assh*le up there either. There’s five people that I can see, and not one of them thought that this was a bad idea? And if you think this photo was tampered with, the university has come out and acknowledge its existence, and the banner has since been taken down.



I don’t know if this particular banner was the only bad one in town, but this recent tweet from the university has me thinking there’s been a few more.


Where do you come out on this? Is this college kids being college kids or is it completely inappropriate and offensive?