Mike Ditka May Have Dropped A Curse On The Packers


More than a few Chicago Bears fans were utterly perplexed the first time they saw the McDonalds ad featuring former head coach Mike Ditka donning a Green Bay Packers sweater.  It was borderline sacrilege for a man who has been the poster boy of Bears football for decades.  Granted, the idea behind the commercial was switching team loyalties in the name of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars as part of a new contest promotion.  It’s clearly a joke.


However, that hasn’t lessened the anger some diehards feel about it.  Now it seems there may or may not have been an ulterior motive to Da Coach’s thinking.  In fact, it’s possible his plans were not to celebrate the Packers at all, but to bring them crashing down.

“The ad, which debuted the last week of October, featured Ditka searching his closet for a sweater. The twist came when Da Coach pulled out a Packers sweater as the commercial’s narrator exclaimed, “This November, your NFL loyalties will be tested.” The commercial irked some and was harmless to others. But either way it has not boded well for the Packers.

Since the Ditka ad aired, things have gone a little bit south on the NFC North favorites’ season. The once-undefeated Packers, who were vying for a No. 1 seed and were among the top teams in the NFL with the likes of Cincinnati, Denver, New England and Carolina, have not won a game since the last week of October.

Sure, it has only been two games, but things have looked ugly for the Packers in those losses. Their first defeat came against the Broncos, when the Packers were throttled on the road 29-10 and quarterback Aaron Rodgers was held to a career-low 77 passing yards. On Sunday Green Bay fell to the undefeated Panthers, 37-29, and Rodgers missed a wide-open Randall Cobb on what could have been the game-tying score in the final minutes.”

As it turns out, bad things do tend to happen any time a high profile former Bears personality dons the green and gold.  In 1994, defensive tackle Steve McMichael played with them for a season.  Though they made the playoffs and got past the wild card round, they ended up losing their rematch to the Dallas Cowboys from a year.  Not only that but they lost it even worse the second time 35-9.

Last year Julius Peppers signed with them after four years in Chicago.  He helped them reach the NFC Championship but had a hand in what became one of the most epic collapses in playoff history as the Packers blew a 16-0 lead to lose 28-22 in overtime.

One thing is for sure.  If the Packers lose to the 1-7 Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field in week 10, there will be little doubt anymore that Ditka has finally found a way to come back and haunt them as he did for so many years in the 1980s.