Well, Now The Cubs Have To Win Tonight…Get Your Kleenex


Jack Bellmyer seems to be a normal kid from Rock Island, IL. Just like a lot of kids, he loves baseball. In particular, he loves the Chicago Cubs. Unfortunately for Jack and his dad, Jeremy, it’s been difficult to enjoy what’s been happening on the North Side of Chicago during this 2015 campaign. Only a few months ago, Jack lost his mother to cancer.

“It hasn’t been easy, ” says Jeremy Bellmyer. “But we put our head down and we do our thing day by day. This is perfect. This is exactly what we need.”

What he means by “exactly what we need” is an amazingly generous gift from his boss, Matt Stern of Stern Beverage Inc., who in conjunction with the Ride with Kelly Foundation, a non-profit that exists solely to help children who have lost a loved one, are giving the father and son a trip that they’ll never forget. Jack has never been to Wrigley Field, until tonight that is. Jack and Jeremy were given two tickets to tonight’s Game 3, hotel accommodations, and $500 to spend on souvenirs. Linda Bassera, a representative of the foundation, explained why they wanted to help.

“It’s worth anything to give them a day. Time to take their mind of everything else around them.”

Well, the Cubs just HAVE to win tonight’s game now. Enjoy the game, Jack. You certainly deserve it.

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Luke Norris
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