Blackhawks Reignite Old Rivalry In Minnesota For 2016 Stadium Series


With the weather finally starting to feel like summer, it’s hard to imagine what this following winter will bring for the NHL. The heart of winter during hockey season must mean that the Blackhawks will be playing outdoors again. It seems like every year as the outdoor games seem to grow, the NHL continues to give one of these events to Chicago.

It was announced in late January that the Blackhawks were going to be participating in the Stadium Series yet again, but this time against the Minnesota Wild at TCF Stadium on February 21st. These two teams are starting to develop quite rivalry themselves, considering the Blackhawks have bounced the Wild in the playoffs three years in a row. If that weren’t bad enough, this past year the Wild were swept in four games by Chicago during the second round. The games between these two teams are set to be intense.

Along with the winter games comes the alumni game where former star players of the franchise take the ice to draw back the older generation. The hope is always that none of these old guys break a hip, but most of the time the contest is pretty mild in terms of intensity. This year’s alumni game is set to be amazing.

The Blackhawks reignite old rivalry with the Minnesota North Stars at 2016 alumni game.

Judd Zulgad from ESPN’s Twin Cities market announced the news on twitter, including expected lineups.

This roster is packed with star power, and it includes one of the best Blackhawks goalies of all time: Ed Belfour. The “Eagle” will be back in net and I can’t freaking wait. Before the Blackhawks recent three Stanley Cup appearances/wins, Belfour was the last goalie in the Chicago sweater to play in the Stanley Cup finals in 1992.

It will also be interesting to see which jerseys the Blackhawks decide to go with for the event. Each time they play these marquee games, the sweater typically changes to one of the throw-back versions. The ones worn for last year’s Winter Classic didn’t change much from their third jersey, except in color and the stripes and tomahawks on the sleeves were around the elbow. I would love to see them bring back the black and red version used for the 75th anniversery when Belfour played for the team.

Blackhawks Reignite Old Rivalry - possible jersey [photo]
Blackhawks Reignite Old Rivalry – possible jersey [photo]
Regardless of the uniform choice, this is bound to be one of the best outdoor games for this coming season. Hopefully the Blackhawks can play better than in their previous ones.