Chicago Bulls Draft Pick, Bobby Portis: “F*ck Derrick Rose”


You know, maybe Bobby Portis didn’t know that one day he would be an NBA player. That or he didn’t realize it’s very easy to go back in someone’s Twitter timeline and see old tweets.

On Thursday, the Chicago Bulls drafted Portis with the 22nd overall pick. Many draft experts had the power forward out of Arkansas as a late lottery pick, or at least picked between 10-20 in the first round. Now, as Portis prepares to meet his new teammates he’ll have to explain some of these old tweets. It turns out Portis is or at least was a really big Miami Heat fan and loved to troll the Bulls on Twitter.

In 2011, when the Bulls played the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, Portis had a message for Derrick Rose and the Bulls.

Just in case that gets deleted here’s a screenshot. It’s real. Portis tweeted it.

Tweet 1

I wonder how that first meeting between Portis and Rose will be like. Awkward.

Oh, and Portis loved making fun of Bulls fans as well.

Tweet 2

Man, that was four years ago. What does Portis think of Pau Gasol now?

This is just another valuable lesson for really everyone. Keep in mind who you bash on social media. You may end up working with those people one day. He was only 16-years-old and honestly who hasn’t said stupid things at that age.

Yet, it’s still hilarious.

That may not even be the best of past tweets by players drafted. Check out what Larry Nance Jr. once tweeted about his new teammate Kobe Bryant.

H/T: Fernando