Charlie Weis Rumored To Be At Halas Hall Today


The Chicago Bears hired their new defensive coordinator today, and appointed their new special teams coordinator over the weekend. Who’s gonna run the offense? According to sources, it could be Charlie Weis.

Adam Schefter, from ESPN, tweeted this a short while ago and Boers and Bernstein reported on 670 the Score that Weis was at Halas Hall today for an interview with the Bears. The former offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets might have his crack at Jay Cutler and the Bears. Weis is also for former head coach of Notre Dame and Kansas.

Weis rose to the national conscious as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots from 200 to 2004. He was then hired by Notre Dame to try to restore that team back to it’s former glory. With Brady Quinn and Jeff Samardzija, the fighting Irish had a respectable 9 – 2 record in Weis first season. The Ohio State Buckeyes took care of them in the Fiesta Bowl 34 – 20 to end his season on a negative note.

The following year the Irish finished 10 – 2 but again were beat in their BCS Bowl. The next 3 seasons were bad. The Irish finished 3 – 9, 6 – 6 and 6 – 6 before Weis was fired and replaced by Brian Kelly late in 2009.

Weis has a 41-49 record as a head coach, but he’s excelled as a coordinator. When Weis was named offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2010, his first year with the team, the Chiefs improved from a record of 4–12 to 10–6 and returned to the playoffs after winning the AFC West Division. He also served as offensive coordinator under head coach Bill Belichick from 2000 through 2004, installing the Erhardt-Perkins offensive system, and assisting the Patriots in three Super Bowl victories (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX).

Erhardt-Perkins offensive system: This system is noted for its multiple formation and personnel grouping variations on a core number of base plays. Under this system, each formation and each play are separately numbered. Additional word descriptions further modify each play

Do you want to see him as the offensive coordinator of the Bears?

Many fans don’t want to see this move made, but a branch of the Belichek tree is much better than the CFL.

Note: Marc Trestman is the new offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens.