Blackhawks Whats Your Goal Campaign Is A Huge Success


The Chicago Blackhawks are one of, if not the, classiest organization in pro sports, and with the Blackhawks Whats Your Goal campaign they are proving why everyday.

This ad started an influx of Blackhawks fans sending the team their goals by using the hashtag #WhatsYourGoal via Twitter. In doing so fans have sent touching requests, like when the Blackhawks and Patrick Sharp brought a blind fan, Christina DeVries, to her first live hockey game.

#WhatsYourGoal: Ryan

Ryan’s goal is to one day play in the NHL, and when he saw the Blackhawks advertisement he wanted to make sure the team knew his plans. That’s when Brian Bickell decided to visit Ryan and check his skills on the ice.

If you want to send the Blackhawks a goal, simply tweet @NHLBlackhawks with the hashtag #WhatsYourGoal.


Here are a couple other goals from Blackhawks fans:


The club consistently shows the world how much class it has, whether on the ice or off of it. The players and all involved behind the scenes really do deserve a pat on the back, and this Chicagoan is proud that the Blackhawks are from our town.