Three Ways the Refs Screwed Notre Dame


After what really was a great College Football game to watch, the zebras couldn’t swallow their whistle, and when they did blow it, they got it all wrong. Check out three ways the refs screwed Notre Dame and handed Florida State the win.

That Was a Horseshit Call

Whether you want to agree or disagree that there was a penalty on the apparent go ahead touchdown play or not, there is NO WAY that it is a pass interference call. The point of offensive pass interference is to eliminate the chance of the receiving party blatantly disrupting a possible interception.

That clearly wasn’t the case here, and should not have pushed the ball back 15 yards. That limited what the Irish were able to do on fourth down, and possibly cost them the game twice.

What About the Other 40 Plays That a Penalty Wasn’t Called?

These plays occur regularly on Saturdays and PROMINENTLY on Sundays during the football season. RARELY do you see them get called, because it’s basically a legal pick. Should the Notre Dame receiver have acted more, and at least PRETENDED to “get away” from the Seminoles defender? Sure, but at the end of the day, that penalty doesn’t get called 99% of the time.

So Why Call It Then, Ruining a Hard-Fought Battle

That was a great back and forth college football game, decided between two defenses unwilling to bend, and the offenses doing just enough to get the job done. So, naturally, the refs had to go and cause controversy by calling that penalty, and getting it wrong.

You cannot end the game on a penalty call like that. If that game was in South Bend, there is zero chance a whistle would have been blown. Those refs are sure to be goin’ Sizzler tonight with the extra cash in their pockets, because there is simply no other explanation!