A Group of Blackhawks Fans Petition to #BanTheStripper


The Chicago Blackhawks are a team that is rich with some great traditions, but there is one that a group of fans would like the team to get rid of; The playing of the song “The Stripper” when a female contestant comes out to do “shoot the puck.”

Anyone who has been to a Blackhawks game or watches the games on Comcast pretty much knows the formula for shoot the puck. It always goes a kid, a woman in either high heels or a skirt (or both), a random guy and sometimes a celebrity. The one thing that is different for those 4 individuals is when the woman walks out to take her turn this song plays….

If you think about it that’s kinda messed up, and some of the Blackhawks beat writers seem to agree….

So now there is a group called @3HawksGoals that have started a petition to get the song taken away, and they have some other requests as well:

We want the Hawks to lead the NHL in providing a fan-friendly environment for ALL fans, including women and kids. We have three simple goals for them:

1) Fix Shoot the Puck. Make the contestant choices truly random, and stop playing the song “The Stripper” when a woman shoots.

2) Give the whole ice crew (men and women) the same outfit, namely pants and a jacket.

3) Have 1-2 women moderators at the 2015 Blackhawks convention.

The “Ban the Stripper” makes a ton of sense and should be a no-brainer for the Blackhawks front office. It’s an easy fix and no one will really miss it.

The Ice Crew thing shouldn’t be a big deal, but some people will make it one. How many Blackhawks fans walk away from a game thinking, “Man, that 4-3 OT winner was awesome, but the Ice Crew really didn’t bring it tonight.” If you answered, then that is something you’d think you might want to re-evaluate about why you like hockey. Or if you proclaim you won’t buy Blackhawks tickets if the “Crew” is in pants and a windbreaker, again, think about why you want to go to a Chicago Blackhawks HOCKEY game.

The third request is there because of Mark Giangreco for his cave man like comments at the 2014 Blackhawks Convention. Giangreco was hosting a panel with Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Brad Richards and it didn’t go very smoothly.

This is from the Red Eye:

Giangreco, ABC7’s sports anchor, seemed determined to make everyone involved feel as slimy as possible. When it came to discussing the NHL awards, for example, he didn’t, say, discuss Toews’ Selke nomination. Instead, he gave him kudos for the hotness of his girlfriend, comparing her to a trophy  —  because nothing brings the LOLs like the literal objectification of women, am I right?

Thankfully, none of the players seemed inclined to play along with Giangreco’s brand of douchery. And the audience wasn’t too pleased, either. In the hours that followed, many fans took to Twitter or filled out surveys informing management that their star panel had nearly been ruined.

The Blackhawks are/have been one of the fastest growing fan bases in the NHL and that is mainly due to recent success (save your bandwagon comments, it’s tired). The front office should be willing to do whatever it takes to maintain traditions, but also try to make everyone feel welcomed. It’s cliché, but women pay the same for their tickets, and shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable.