The Blackhawks Heard The Fans #BanTheStripper Worked


The Chicago Blackhawks are a fan friendly team and the announcement from team president John McDonough just showed that even more.

There has been a big social media campaign and petition to #BanTheStripper and today McDonough had this to say about it;

“I think you’ve heard the last of Frank Pellico playing ‘The Stripper, ’” McDonough said.

“We have to listen, ” he said. “We have to be aware. We have to react when appropriate — not overreact, but react. We take all of this very seriously. We have had to take a look at every single element, every aspect of our operation, our hockey business from A to Z. I certainly have read the stories, and I understand the sensitive nature of all of that.”

You can read about the whole back story to the #BanTheStripper campaign HERE.

McDonough went on to talk about how they estimate woman make up roughly 38% of the Blackhawks fan base and the organization wants to everything they can to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable at home games.

When it comes to the Ice Crew request McDonough didn’t say much just that Ice Crews are fairly common around the league.

Good for McDonough and the Blackhawks for actually listening to the fans and making these changes. These changes don’t affect the team at all, but will go along way with some of the fans.

An organization that listens to the fans? Never thought I’d see the day!!