Chicago Blackhawks Hockey - There has been quite the debate going on every form of social media about how the Chicago Blackhawks should or shouldn’t have retaliated in regards to the Brooks Orpik hit on Jonathan Toews.

The conversations have gotten so far out of hand, to the point where one of the few Blackhawks’ players that does throw fists, had to step in and be the voice of reason…..enter Brandon Bollig.

Brandon Bollig’s Thoughts on the Orpik Hit

With the Blackhawks having a couple of days off in a row, it left a lot of room for fans to argue over if it was a clean hit on Toews and if/when the Blackhawks should have retaliated. Bollig cut right to the chase with Mark Lazerus

There is no question Bollig has grown into a better hockey player this year, with career highs in both goals and points, but to hear the one time “goon” use reasoning and logic was a breathe of fresh air and some Blackhawks fans need to take note.

The Issue With Retaliation

A lot of Blackhawks fans are disappointed that the team didn’t go after Orpik after the hit or didn’t take a run at Pittsburgh captain Sidney Crosby. Then, on the other side of the fence, you have people who don’t see a point at intentional retaliation in today’s NHL with the instigator penalty and multiple other things that can hurt the team rather than help.

The Blackhawks are “soft” for not going after Orpik (even though they did and failed)? Wrong. The two points were and always will be more important. IF someone did label Orpik do you think that Toews would be healed? Or that in a playoff series two weeks from now a guy like Backes would think twice about crushing Kane because Bollig dropped the mitts with Orpik in April? The answers here are NO.

The experts that are advocating the retaliation are all former players who played in a time where the NHL was different or they are recently retired, but made a career being an instigator. So, of course they are going to say retaliation is the way to go.

Fighting is entertaining and it basically ends there. Yes, it can get a team fired up, but at the end of the day you need to put pucks in the net to win in the NHL.

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