Chicago Cubs – Wrigley Field has played host to some really special home runs in Chicago Cubs history. Some of the dingers were historical, meaningful or just plain spectacular. Whatever the situation, these are the top five Cubs home runs in Wrigley Field’s history.

Honorable Mention – Called Shot

Ok, so this one wasn’t hit by a Cubs player but it is probably the most famous home run of all time. Babe Ruth‘s “called shot” story has been told a million times but no one is really sure if he did, in fact, call it. Rumors have circulated about him pointing at a fan who heckled him or even him pointing at a Cubs trainer who bad mouthed the Yankees, according to Bill Veeck. Baseball fans will never know the truth but they’ve all heard the story.

The Cubs are even honoring the home run with a bobblehead this season.

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  1. Andy Tourves

    Other than Ruth’s called shot (which is by far better than any of those on your list) none of those home runs meant anything. Losing season after losing season and 30,000 douchebags still pack that sewer up north.

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