How bad are the Chicago Bulls? Right now, they’re looking like one of the worst teams in the league! After losing their star player and going 1-5 on the circus trip, the Bulls find themselves 7-9 overall and in the 9th seed of an already weak Eastern Conference.

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The UnwatchaBulls

At the beginning of the season high fives were going all around! Now? Not so much!- DS

The Chicago Bulls, Now the UnwatchaBulls?

Everyone was excited about Derrick Rose finally returning after missing all of last year. But, even with Rose in the line up, something was still off. The offense looked unorganized and was definitely not efficient at all. Constant ineffective ball screens followed by unsuccessful pick and rolls. It was on repeat and was very hard to watch!

However, with Rose in the lineup, the Bulls were still finding ways to win games and Rose got better with each game he played. Rose had his best game against Portland before he left the game with a knee injury. This was the beginning of the end for the Bulls or maybe better known as the “UnwatchaBulls” these days.

Our defense, what happened to it? Well, opposing teams finally figured it out! Thibs likes to overload the strong side leaving anyone on the weak side with a wide open three or backdoor cut. It sounds simple and that’s because it is. Next time you watch a Bulls game I’m sure you will now notice.

Who’s their go to scorer when they need one? Most fans give Deng that title by default, which is fair but it doesn’t mean its legit. Yes, he scored 37 pts against the Pelicans last night. He also turned the ball over THREE times with seconds to remain to win the game at the end of regulation and at the end of the first two overtimes. Deng finished with seven turnovers and the Bulls were handed their first loss at home this year. Deng is a good player, he’s just not a primary scorer, he’s more effective when he’s the second or third option.

As young a athlete you are taught that their is no I in team. Well that’s true, technically the letter “I” never appears in the word TEAM. With that being said, the Bulls are pathetic with out a certain individual on their roster and the way they’re playing lately is showing that. Without someone who is capable of taking a game winning shot, the Bulls don’t have much of a chance to compete at all!

Are the Bulls tanking? I wouldn’t think Thibs had it in him to do so, but if you look at the starting lineup right now, you might think its possible. For the first time in Thibs’ reign as Bulls head coach a rookie is starting. It may be do to injury, with Butler still sidelined, but it also might be because the Bulls are looking to unload Deng and couple other veterans before the trade deadline.

So for now, we will refer to the Bulls as the “UnwatchaBulls”, until they prove otherwise.


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