In Our First “Chicago Sports Debate” Podcast:

We discuss the current relationship of Brian Urlacher and the Chicago Bears and whether Urlacher will finally shut up. Recently, George McCaskey reached out to Urlacher because he would like to honor him this season and hints that he would love to put Urlacher in the Bears Hall of Fame, but when the time is right for him.

Podcast Break Down:

:45  Talk about how Urlacher would of liked the deal to go down.

2:07 Discussing Urlacher’s contract history with the Bears

3:25 Urlacher could run for Mayor!

4:08 Jay Cutler didn’t call Urlacher after he wasn’t signed.

5:06 Urlacher would of been upset if HE was on the team and Trestman played Cutler over McCown

6:00 Urlacher’s butt hurt.

6:25 Urlacher didn’t want the Bears to win the Super Bowl without him!

6:50 I meant 30 YEARS!

7:39 Urlacher says that Bears should resign Hester and have him retire a Bear.

8:12 Devin Hester is not in the plans!

8:55 McCaskey has called Urlacher and would like to honor him but are waiting for him to get back to them.

9:15 NFL stands or NOT FOR LONG.

10:15 Can Urlacher bury the hachet?

10:30 Will this shut Brian Urlacher up?


Can this relationship be saved and will Brian Urlacher come back from the dark side and join forces with the organization that made him who he is today?








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22 Responses

  1. April-John Fleming

    To me Urlacher was a great mlb, but since he has left all he does is whine. Im tired of it. They offered him 2 million for 1 year, and after he got hurt the year before. He didnt want it and wanted to test free agency and realized no one was going to pay him cus he was old and getting hurt a lot. Time for him to realize he is done and embrace retirement. Stop hating on the Chicago Bears

    • Triton A A Molenda

      And Urlacher should know that loyalty means everything.
      Talking shit after refusing to take a paycut from a mediocre half season and talking how the bears screwed him when he screwed himself.
      Its all his fault and he doesnt want to admit that without chicago, he’d be another linebacker from the 2000s that people forgot about.

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