Is Lance Briggs a Leader or Cancer for the Chicago Bears?

Lance Briggs was on the Around the League Podcast on a few days ago, and in listening to his interview we came away with one question: “Is Lance Briggs a leader or a cancer to the Chicago Bears?”

He says in the interview that he’s in Los Angeles looking for a job, that his job is temporary, and that the NFL stands for “Not For Long.” The unspoken word of Lance Briggs leads me to believe one thing…listen to the Podcast to find out what that is but more importanly TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!

Bear Down Chicago.

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  1. Matthew Vianello

    Lance is my favorite player so I dont wanna bash him but hes not brian… with brian leaving it was his time to step up and be the man of the house and he folded… maybe the injury was a huge reason for it but he is not brian. Also mel tucker and the barrage of injuries around him may have shattered his belief and hope… lach gets a bad wrap for some reason but he gave his teamates everything he had.

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