NHL Stadium Series, 2015 Winter Classic

NHL Stadium Series

TSN is reporting that the NHL will have 6 outdoor games next season being called the Stadium Series.

NHL Stadium Series and 2015 winter classic

Get Excited

Obviously the March 1st game between Pittsburgh and Chicago is the highlight to me (homer) but they are currently the two best teams in the NHL.  Plus it could be the first time Crosby and Toews could meet (one of them has always been injured)  granted that they don’t see each other in this year’s Stanley Cup. Anyway you look at this it is awesome. Definitely a smart move by the NHL after an annoying lockout shortened this current season. Now my question is….how much are tickets going to be?

2015 Winter Classic

2015 Winter Classic and Stadium Series

artest rendition of what Target Field will look like with a rink.

In addition to the Stadium Series announcements there are rumors brewing from the Twin Cities Pioneer Press that the 2015 Winter Classic could be in Minnesota in a game between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks.  Minnesota’s Target Field is relatively new and this would be a huge event in the “Hockey State.”  This is also a nice attempt by the NHL to rekindle the Minnesota/Chicago rivalry.  The rivalry aspect is huge now that Detroit will be in the Eastern Conference next year so the Blackhawks will be seeing more of the Wild next year.  This report isn’t confirmed at all but if it is true I think I speak for a lot of Hawks fans when I say “ROAD TRIP!!!!”

NHL Stadium Series, 2015 Winter Classic




I, for one, am very excited about the NHL Stadium Series, 2015 Winter Classic

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