Nashville is now a tough ticket

Nashville now a tough ticket

The rivalry between Nashville and Chicago has been growing through the years.  Mainly because Blackhawks fans swarm down to Nashville every year for the last couple years to see the Blackhawks take on the Predators.

Not only do Hawks fans fill the seats in the Bridgestone Arena they also flood local businesses with their business.  It is not only hockey either just a couple of years ago Chicago Bears fans drank Nashville dry.

Well Nashville’s front office has had enough and Nashville is now a tough ticket for Blackhawks fans.

Section 303, a blog for the Predators, has announced that the Predators will not sell single game tickets for any of the Blackhawks games in Nashville.  Now you have to buy tickets to another game in order to get tickets to any of the Predators/Blackhawks game.   You can read the whole story HERE

Mock Analysts

I personally think this is just JUNK!!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences at both Bears and Blackhawks games in Nashville.  Most locals were very welcoming and it seemed like all the local businesses sure enjoyed having a packed house every night over the course of the weekend.  Yes I understand it probably sucks to have the away team fill the stands with fans wearing their gear, but to punish people because of a pride issue seems pretty lame to me.

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