Illinois Basketball - Head basketball coach of the University of Illinois Fighting Illini, John Groce will participate on April 9th in shoot the puck for the Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks will take on the Montreal Canadiens that evening.

Making A Name For Himself

Groce is becoming a hot name not only for Illini fans but across the state of Illinois in general. His passion, hard work and willingness to win is a thing fans from all around are starting to see. This will definitely help publicize Groce a little more and get his Fighting Illini brand out to an even bigger crowd. Hopefully, Hawks fans will welcome Groce with a show of appreciation.

Hockey Fans Should Love John Groce

Hockey fans should welcome Groce with arms wide open. Groce is full of energy and preaches toughness to his players. He is a hard nosed guy who is all about defense and doing everything they possibly can to win games. The Illini team this season did not have an overwhelming amount of talent but because of their tough play, they were able to stay in ball games all year long.


Photo(s) BigStory, News-Gazette

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