Chicago Cubs Rumors – Most educated Chicago Cubs fans knew that they were going to shop Jeff Samardzija after he signed a one year contract prior to this season. Often times players don’t even know that this is going on, but the Cubs have a different way of treating these situations. It looks like Samardzija is trying to lobby for a trade thanks to advice from former teammate Matt Garza.

Samardzija Lists His Condo

The condo, 3351 N. Southport Unit #3, in Lakeview has been rented out by Samardzija for some time. Originally bought in 2008 for $710,000 the unit was listed last month for $695,000 as reported by Bob Goldsborough of the Chicago Tribune.

Jeff Samardzija’s Condo Listing

 Matt Garza’s Advice

Current Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Matt Garza went through a very similar situation with the Cubs last season. The organization was in the same process of trying to acquire young prospects and Garza was not part of the long term plans. Garza told Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times what the Cubs said to him.

“We knew already though. They finally put it like, ‘Hey, we’re rebuilding, don’t get comfortable.’ You just take it with a grain of salt and enjoy the time while you’re there.”

Garza also told Samardzija to prep for the same situation.

“I told him to prep for it,” Garza said. “I told him if they couldn’t come to [an extension agreement] to prep for it. …”

Samardzija is Preparing

Samardzija did not receive the long term extension he wanted and Garza warned him to prepare for it. The news of him putting his condo up a month before the season starts is a good sign that he’s already on his way out. While fans probably won’t know for some time whether or not the Cubs told him, it would be a safe assumption. Losing $15,000 on his condo isn’t the worst thing to happen to him but when he’s traded…do you think Samardzija will want to kick the Cubs teeth in like Garza?


Sources: Block Shopper Chicago; Chicago Tribune; Chicago Sun-Times

Photo: Bleacher Report


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