Jay Cutler Arrested Freshman Year Vanderbilt -

The Chicago Bears famous QB Jay Cutler has some interesting college stories, especially freshman year when he was arrested for underage consumption of alcohol, vandalism , evading arrest and resisting stop-halt orders.

Jay Cutler Arrested Freshman Year Vanderbilt

Apparently, Jay got all boozed up and decided to wreck an emergency contact phone on the Vanderbilt campus.  Jay Cutler arrested freshman year at Vanderbilt is really not a huge surprise considering he was just a young kid from Santa Claus with nothing to lose, right?

Jay Cutler Arrested Freshman Year Vanderbilt

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Jay Cutler Arrested Freshman Year Vanderbilt

But, how was he was caught by the cops!?  Pick it up JAY!

“According to the report, Cutler was spotted with another person ripping the handset off one of the school’s emergency phones around 2 a.m. Monday. Cutler and the other person tried to run away and Cutler had to be forced to the ground when caught.

Cutler, a redshirt freshman at the time, completed 53 of 99 passes for 720 yards, six touchdowns and six interceptions. He rushed for 205 yards, before being suspended for a few games due to the arrest.” (via SI.com)

Kristen Cavallari RECENTLY Arrested

Cutler’s wife Kristen Cavallari was also arrested this month for not registering her license:

“Cavallari was initially ticketed for the violation. Once police officers realized she did not have an Illinois driver’s license, however, she was required to drive to the police headquarters in Evanston to post bail because of her having an out-of-state license.” (via IBTimes)


We all love a good story about an arrested celebrity or the story behind how a NFL football player arrested has become the talk of the day.  The Clink will let you know right away about who messed up and more importantly how they messed up.

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