The Internet was not very kind to the Chicago Cubs’ new mascot Clark, and most didn’t hold back.

The Cubs released the biggest news of the 2014 off-season, they have a mascot and his name is Clark.

Are you f*ckin’ kidding me..!? This sums up how I feel:

It’s such a kick in the dick that they’re even pulling this shit. They know god damn well that they aren’t getting Tanaka. They know god damn well that Baez, Bryant, etc. etc. won’t even debut until half the season is tanked at the very earliest, and even if they arrive this year they’ll just be thrown in this shitfest of a season where anything less than Hall of Fame heroics will be met by the fanbase with derision. They know god damn well that Samardzija is already halfway out the door. So here’s a fuzzy, cuddly, snuggle bear to distract you. (via YB)

Cub fans sit here and watch the beloved White Sox sign Abreu, trade for Eaton and then sign Viciedo…and what does Theo do?

He gives Cubdom a pre-teen pant-less bear supplying the Internet with lots of ammo to break out the jokes.

The Cubs’ New Mascot Is A Nightmarish, Perverted Furry” (DeadSpin)







The Chicago Cubs announced they will create an ‘Addison’ next year to pair up with Clark.

What will Addison look like?

cubs mascot addison

Addison, Clark’s mama


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