Chicago Bears Rumors - Freshly inked in his new green and puke yellow colors, the Green Bay Packers tweeted that Julius Peppers would be playing linebacker in their 3-4 defense. Well, not exactly the Green Bay Packers, but Jason Wilde, a beat writer for ESPN Wisconsin.

Should the Bears Have Tried This?

Short answer No.  With all the versatile athletes the Chicago Bears have been targeting, Julius Peppers was simply making too much money. The fear of the ‘Julius Peppers of yester-year’ will be very evident when he lines up to rush Jay Cutler for the first time, but the fact of the matter is … Peppers is old, and not nearly the player he used to be. At least, that is what the Chicago Bears are betting on.

Who will be better?

Former defensive end, opposite of Peppers, Shea McClellin was also recently moved to linebacker by the Chicago Bears but he costs much less.  Will the play of these two athletes in 2014 match what they are getting paid?

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Who will be better at linebacker in 2014?

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