The Final Stretch is a podcast featuring two Sports Mockery Columnists, Max Anderson and Matt Dlugie. We plan to bring you all of the latest in regards to Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks news as both teams are gearing up for playoff pushes.

We may not always be right, but we appreciate you taking the time to listen and would love to hear any and all comments you have regarding the topics we discuss.

This Week’s Podcast:

This week’s podcast focuses specifically on the Chicago Bulls and what news has been surrounding the team as of late. We touch on all topics from Joakim Noah’s response to the Carmelo Anthony recruiting rumors to Jimmy Butler’s production to Tom Thibodeau’s thoughts on LeBron James — which may surprise you–.

Podcast Table of Contents:

Carmelo Anthony Rumors and Joakim Noah’s Response: .23

Joakim Noah, Not Derrick Rose, As Chicago Bulls Leader: 2.00

Joakim Noah’s Production With Derrick Rose Back: 3.12

Chicago Bulls vs. Memphis Grizzlies Recap: 4.41

What’s Up With D.J. Augustin?: 6.00

Jimmy Bucket’s Role: 8.00

Jimmy Butler is Key to Future Bulls Success: 10.05

Coach Thibodeau’s Thoughts on LeBron James: 11.19


Chicago Sports News and Rumors
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Note: This website contains an assortment of articles written by Chicago fans with their own opinion, each reflecting their own point of view.  For this reason, you may see conflicting reactions. Sports Mockery is the combined collection of all these publications for your enjoyment.

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