Chicago Cubs News- The Chicago Cubs will be honoring 100 years of Wrigley Field in various ways this summer. Mark your calendars, the throwback uniforms will be used to highlight each decade of “The Friendly Confines.”  The different styles will look period appropriate with features such as zippered jerseys, pullover jerseys and belt-less pants. I’ll highlight the significance, features and give my opinion of each along with the dates they will be worn.

Wednesday April 23, 2014

1914 Chicago Federals Home Uniform

At first you will notice this is not a Cubs uniform. The reason being, they were not the first inhabitants of Weeghman Park later named Wrigley Field in 1927. A new league, Federal League, was formed to compete against the American and National League. Without a team name at first the Federals adopted the league name to distinguish themselves from the other Chicago clubs.

Their jersey consisted of a stylized “wishbone-c” and an abbreviation of Federals, “Feds.” The pinstriped jerseys look standard but they are actually pullovers. If you notice the buttons only go halfway down the placket. They are plain, though still stylish, and I believe they will look great in “The Friendly Confines.”


Sunday May 4, 2014

1929 Chicago Cubs Home Uniform

This Cubs team was led by MVP Rogers Hornsby and would win the National League pennant. Unfortunately they would lose the World Series to the Philadelphia Athletics four games to one.

Like the Federals jerseys these are also a pullover with buttons halfway. The piping around the collar and placket add a pop of color. The wishbone-c now has the cub holding a bat inside of it. We can only hope the players go high-cuffed with the striped stirrups to complete the look. The striping on the neck and sleeves bother me some because of the piping. It would have looked better with one or the other.


Sunday May 18, 2014

 1937 Chicago Cubs Home Uniform

There was no big moment or achievement from this season. This style was chosen because it would be the first iteration of the current Cubs logo that showcases an upper case “C” with “ubs” inside of the negative space.

This was the first MLB jersey to feature a zipper instead of buttons. The thick, Cubby Blue, piping that outlines the collar, plackets and sleeves really pop. A splash of red in the C really draws your eyes to this jersey. I really hope the players decide to wear the stirrups to go with the theme. This is one of the best looks the Cubs have ever worn.


Sunday June 8, 2014

1942 Chicago Cubs Home Uniform

This was not a banner year for the Cubs as they finished sixth in the National League. On a brighter note, the organization would bring in one of the more unique looks for this season.

You will notice that this particular jersey is a sleeveless version. The cut, with large armholes, was closer to that of a basketball jersey than the modern sleeveless variety. Underneath is quite a busy shirt. The undershirt has a white yoke, blue body and three red stripes around the sleeve. During this season every MLB team wore a Hale America “Health” patch on their jersey. I like this look because it is not like anything else I’ve ever seen but there is way too much going on.


Sunday June 22, 2014

1953 Chicago Cubs Home Uniform

By the standings you would consider this another disappointing season for the organization. Cubs fans did have something to get excited about because future Hall of Famer Ernie Banks would make his MLB debut on September 17, 1953.

There are no notable features on this jersey. Nothing. They kind of look like a painter’s uniform but I guess no news is good news. I am a sucker for striped stirrups so this look gets a thumbs up.


Sunday July 13, 2014

1969 Chicago Cubs Home Uniform

Sometimes called “the most celebrated second-place team in the history of baseball” because this Cubs team led the Eastern Division for 155 days. They would end up losing 17 of their last 25 games to finish behind the eventual World Series champion New York “Miracle Mets.”

This style is very similar to they current uniform. The only real differences are the old Cub logo on the left sleeve as well as the borders being much thinner around the chest logo. As good as this looked then, it still looks great today.

Chicago Cubs 1969 retro uniform

Sunday July 27, 2014

1978 Chicago Cubs Road Uniform

The only notable happening this season was this uniform. Paul Lukas, of Uni-Watch, said this is only reverse pinstripe uniform in MLB history. Normally pinstripes are dark in color on a white uniform but this had white stripes on a light blue uniform. Light blue uniforms were of the times, in 1978, but no other team wore it quite like the Cubs.

These uniforms were a pullover and also featured “sansabelt” pants with no belt loops. Many teams would wear this style from the late 70s until the early 90s. I like the quirkiness of this look because it pulls your eyes to it.

Sunday August 10, 2014

1988 Chicago Cubs Home Uniform

The lights finally went on at Wrigley. On 8/8/1988 the Cubs started the first ever night game at “The Friendly Confines” but the game would not be completed until the next evening as a result of rain.

There isn’t much to say about the standard 80s look for the Cubs. They wore traditional pinstriped uniforms with a pullover jersey and the belt-less pants of the times. I always like the pullovers because they made the jerseys look aesthetically pleasing.

Sunday August 24, 2014

1994 Chicago Cubs Alternate Jersey

The highlight of the season came on opening day when Karl “Tuffy” Rhodes hit 3 home runs on opening day. Unfortunately, the Cubs lost that game. Fortunately, for the last place Cubs, the season was cut short due to the 1994 strike.

It was something new for the Cubs who had not changed their look in about a decade. Many people felt like it looked like the Cuban National team’s logo so that caused a lot of dislike for this style. Personally, I really liked this look. I hope they wear the MLB 125th anniversary patch on the right sleeve and the mean Cub logo on the left sleeve.


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