Everyone was excited for the return of NFL football last night.  Keith Urban and Ryan Seacrest were pumping up the crowds during the pre-game celebration and then everyone got to see Peyton Manning throw for SEVEN touchdowns as the Denver Broncos crushed the defending champs.

But, the production took a quick turn of events right after Peyton Manning hit Andre Caldwell for his 3rd TD pass of the night.  A cameraman was filming the Denver cheerleader dancing around, like most cheerleaders do….and then this.   The cheerleader bends over for the cameraman is if she wants him to crawl in.

The Denver Broncos cheerleader crotch shot had all men smirking at the TV and their wives covering the kid’s eyes while muttering under their breath.  The cameraman popped a halfy and then NBC redirected back to the game.  Some of you may not have noticed, but my wife sure did.

Denver Broncos Cheerleader Crotch Shot


This is a bit too much.  There is a teenage kid in the background about to fall over and many others watching around the world.  Clean it up NBC this isn’t cheerleader theme night at the local strip club.

Let’s not let the Denver Broncos cheerleader crotch shot go unnoticed, that would just be bad for everyone involved.

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