The Clemson Tigers were not messing around, they went all out and the Clemson football entrance 2013 had the Twitter world going wild.


This is nothing new for the Clemson Tigers as they have a tradition of pulling out all the stops when it comes to making their way to the field!

Bleacher Report has them No. 3 of 25 for best entrances in College Football.

Clemson’s stadium bears the name “Death Valley,” and its origin is Howard’s Rock. Howard’s Rock is actually from Death Valley, California, and it sits on a pedestal at the top of the hill overlooking the field.

Clemson Football Entrance 2013

Credit: YouTube

Mock It!

Goosebumps! College Football is back!!!

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Contradictory events are often the first things talked about at the water cooler, so The Mock has you covered. If you are ever at a game and ask yourself “did you see that,” chances are we did!

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